Deeds should be noble and praiseworthy. At the superficial level, praiseworthy deeds don’t have the real acceptance of society. Society’s acceptance is based on glamour, prestige, success, name and fame. A person who earns his livelihood by noble means, or a monk leading a life of renunciation, may not have notable success and/ or significant respectability in society. Such persons have an order, an inner harmony. But society sees them as persons with disorder. That is because of the definition that society has given for ‘success’.

For society, being at the top is success; getting accepted by others is success. Often, to get accepted by others one has to dance to their tune. A wise person does not sell his soul to get ‘respect’ from society or go after cheap popularity. In India, celebrities are given so much attention/ importance and people are crazy about them. Hence, they have to maintain a certain image to win that respect. Often, such images are are not real. But what is false sells. Thus, it appears that one has to do what is untrue to win people’s adulation. Is this order or disorder?